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                  Training Case
                A.Client- Training course

                B.Client- Training course

                C.Client C Training course

                D.Client C Training course

                AddRoom 803-804,
                Regent Commercial Center,
                # 255 Southern NanXiJiang Road, Suzhou
                Contact Mr. Joe Chen
                Moblie+86 1565 110 6261
                Tel+86 512 6265 8463

                C client- Training course

                C client is the manufacturing base in mainland China of a European company, which focuses on telecom, electronic goods, automotive and medical sectors, and makes high precision metal & plastic components and assembly according to customer requirement. In addition, special surface treatment solution and fabricated tools are provided in-house. C client assigned SCD to supply the training course on quality assurance and quality control, which cover DFMEA, PFMEA, SPC, AQL in IQC/OQC, and quality control tools, CAR /8D report & execution.
                Suzhou Career Dream Co., Ltd
                AddRoom 803-804, Regent Commercial Center, # 255 Southern NanXiJiang Road Suzhou
                Contactjoe.chen     Tel+86 512 6265 8463    +86 1565 110 6261
                Mailjoe.chen@careerdream123.com       Webwww.careerdream123.com