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                  Training Case
                A.Client- Training course

                B.Client- Training course

                C.Client C Training course

                D.Client C Training course

                AddRoom 803-804,
                Regent Commercial Center,
                # 255 Southern NanXiJiang Road, Suzhou
                Contact Mr. Joe Chen
                Moblie+86 1565 110 6261
                Tel+86 512 6265 8463

                A client- Training course

                We SCD provide a series of training courses related to career development, joined hands with some well-known training consultancies, such as 51Job
                Global Software Service Center of A client is positioned as a software total solution provider for Chinese & International market, whose establishment makes A client upgrade its service from hardware sales & production service to software R&D and professional software service. A client devoted itself to upgrade Chinese Software Industry technical level, quality level and management level as well, while providing the best software solutions to its customers both in China and abroad.
                Over past years, we SCD works together with some mainland top consultancies, such as 51Job, provides A client a series of training courses, including indoor lecture courses and outward bound activities, which is admired by everyone across the A client.

                Suzhou Career Dream Co., Ltd
                AddRoom 803-804, Regent Commercial Center, # 255 Southern NanXiJiang Road Suzhou
                Contactjoe.chen     Tel+86 512 6265 8463    +86 1565 110 6261
                Mailjoe.chen@careerdream123.com       Webwww.careerdream123.com