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                地址: 蘇州市南◎溪江路255號
                手機:+86 1565 110 6261
                電話:+86 512 6265 8463
                獵頭信息: 研發■工程師-蘇州某美資企】業
                發布日期: 2019/6/14

                1. Lead or support new product development project and R&D related activities, main products include (but not limited to) interdental brush, dental floss/flosser, power toothbrush and brush heads, and other oral care products
                2. Attend regular project meeting with global (USA/EU) project team, clearly communicate project updates to category or project team, work with cross-functional development teams including Project management, Marketing, Quality, Sourcing, Operations and contract manufacturers on the development and validation of consumer products and medical devices
                3. Lead technical communications with contract manufactures, engage and drive the actions of contract manufacturers to achieve company goals, visit local contract manufacturers to verify product or resolve technical or quality issues when necessary (travel required)
                4. Study and comply with gPDP (Global Product Development Process) during project execution
                5. Study and comply with gDCP (Global Document Control Process) during project execution
                6. Cooperate with global functional team to develop and finalize product specification, drawings, assessment and validation per gPDP and gDCP
                7. Utilize advanced engineering tools (PDM, Solidworks, etc.) for 2D/3D design per given request and improve best practices continuously
                8. Organize and maintain design history files per design control requirement and other relevant corporate procedures and processes.
                9. Project Management, including setting and meeting deadlines and providing expected results
                10. Develop test plans and test methods, perform R&D related test in ACE lab together with lab technician, analyze test data and write test report, including design verification/validation testing, comparison and reliability testing, etc.
                11. Prepare project status reporting to supervisor weekly
                12. Assure compliance with all aspects of the product development process, FDA regulations, ISO standards and other relevant corporate procedures and processes
                13. Work interactively with other departments to resolve design issues or product complaints
                14. Initiate and develop continuous improvement programs on a daily basis
                15. Perform other R&D related tasks assigned by the supervisor or global team

                -  Bachelor degree and above with major in mechanical/electrical engineering or equivalent
                -  5 years or above experiences in multinational or international company
                -At least 3 years working experiences of new product development or equivalent
                -Good English level, able to directly read English documents and send e-mails in English in daily work
                -Able to independently communicate with foreign colleagues face-to-face or on teleconference in English
                -Proficient skills in MS office
                -Strong communication skill, positive mind-set and teamwork spirit
                -Good sense of commitment, eager to learn and improve
                -Willing to accept short-term business traveling
                -Demonstrated ability to work with and manage internal resources, outside contractors, and suppliers
                -Ability to work independently to deliver on multiple objectives and goals according to business commitments

                -Skillful in Solidworks and familiar with PDM system, or other 3D CAD software, like Inventor, NX
                -Excellent skills in project management, or certificate of PMP
                -Plastic injection and molding knowledge, design experience of plastics product
                -New product development work experiences in oral care or medical products or industry, especially for consumer devices
                -Familiar with laws and regulations in EU and US, like CE, UL, 510(K)
                -Familiar with DFMEA, PFMEA
                -Knowledge of ISO9001, ISO13485

                福彩快三下载(蘇州)咨詢有 咻那聚雷珠竟然自己沒入體內限公司
                聯系人:承先生     電話:+86 512 6265 8463     +86 1565 110 6261
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